Software development is the primary purpose of RezTek. We can take on your next project or add staff to projects in need of assistance to reach completion. Whether it's software to for use on your desktop or on mobile devices, to run your servers, or to run embedded in your product, RezTek combines it's experience in all these realms to produce the best possible result.

Software takes center stage out of simple necessity. Without software, most of the hardware is useless, not just PCs but modern appliances. Almost anything more complex than a toaster has contains firmware, embedded software, which is critical for the device or appliance to function, and the networked toaster isn't far behind the cloud-connected refrigerator. Firmware is software that the hardware can't live without. Good software can make decent hardware shine. Bad software can make even the best of hardware worthless. If you are selling a product with embedded software, the success of the product as a whole relies on the software at least as much as the hardware. Software can help smooth over small imperfections in the hardware. The reverse is rarely possible. The relative ease of replacing software can lead toward the mistaken conclusion that it is safe to focus on hardware first and software second. It might be easier than ever before to patch the software after shipping, but it's often the first impression that matters most, and patches on release day or soon after do not convey a feeling of reliability or dependability. If you want to ensure you make a good first impression, then proper software design and thorough testing are mandatory.

There are many aspects to consider throughout the development process. The resulting software must not only accomplish the goal in mind this moment, it must be able to continue doing so into the future to be of continued use. Designing with maintenance in mind is important to minimize future costs. While impossible to make software that never needs a change, with experience and careful design the software can be made easily maintainable. In a fast changing world, the requirements we have for the software we use are constantly evolving. To continue to be of use, good software must be able to evolve to meet those new requirements. Considering flexibility and extensibility as important design factors up front ensures the resultant software can evolve less painfully. Brittle designs that only consider the problem today lead to software that requires significant rewriting if not wholesale replacement tomorrow.

We live in a hostile world. It does not matter what the intended purpose is or was, there will always be someone thinking about how to exploit every device and service for their gain. Security must be considered every step of the way, from inception through development into maintenance, in order to have a chance of long term survival. Otherwise great software that was designed without security in mind can become burdensome with continual critical updates if not entirely useless when support becomes infeasible. Unfortunately, this industry is abound with examples of highly-functional software that must be hastily replaced with something of lesser sophistication and capability simply because the former became unmaintainable in less time than a proper replacement could be developed, thus repeating the cycle.

If you want to to ensure you have the best software for your next project, contact us to discuss your requirements.