Reztek offers services in both systems integration and system administration. We can help you choose the right combination of hardware and software to integrate into a customized solution to fulfill your business's Information Technology needs. Whether you just want to expand upon the systems you have now, better integrate those systems to enhance the value to your business, or convert to a new platform, we can do that for you.

RezTek understands the needs of small and medium size businesses. It is often infeasible for small businesses to keep expert IT staff employed full-time. Once the systems are up and running, the business only has a part-time IT requirement. RezTek offers maintenance contracts to fulfill this need. We will keep your tech infrastructure running smooth so you can focus on what you care about, your business. If there should be an incident that requires more attention, we will already be familiar with your environment so we can immediately address the situation. Medium size businesses which have full-time in-house IT staff may still need additional periodic assistance. Whether it is to respond to an incident or for the duration of a major project, RezTek can act as an extension to or entirely as your business's IT department.

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